To complete your purchase, you need to order the Beam and either the Fixed or removable tongue


Mazda is the only New Zealand motor company which can offer a choice of tow bar styles for each model.


We have developed a range of hybrid style tow bars with both fixed or removable tongue.


While most will be familiar with a permanent fixed tongue tow bar, many New Zealand manufacturers have been supplying a “Shin saver” type of rubber collar because everybody knows that someone is going to walk into the tongue and probably do some painful damage to their shins.


Mazda thinks a better solution is to detach the tongue and keep this in the boot while not actively towing.  This is usually only for a small percentage of time anyway.


We believe that your car will look so much better without a tow bar present when you are not actively towing.


Some people believe that European style tow bar tongues look unusual and this is usually the case to our Southern Hemisphere tastes.


These European style tow bars are designed to be removed very easily and stored “out of sight”.


Mazda has solutions for fixed or removable tongues with traditional 1 7/8" or 50mm tow balls. 


When installed to manufacturer’s instructions, Mazda Tow Bars meet at least one of the following standards. However, in most cases more than one standard is met:


  • New Zealand Standard NZS5467 Tow bar Loads (compliance with SAE J684)


  • Tow bar - Australian Standard AS4177.1  Appendix A Loads


  • Chain Anchor - Australian Standard AS4177.1 Appendix B Loads


  • Section 1D of ADR 62/02 (Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles)2007


All Mazda Genuine Tow Bars are subject to “On the Vehicle” testing certified by a dealer.


Discuss your tow bar needs and options with your dealer.


Part Number:

KE11ACTB           Tow Bar Beam

KE11ACTBFX       Tow Bar – Fixed Tongue Black

MZ2900104       Tow Bar – Removable Tongue

MZ2900117         Tow Bar Removable Tongue A40V 50mm

MZ2900115         Cap, Tow Ball Replacement Part

MZ2900116         Shackle Replacement Part

Models compatible with this accessory

  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol Limited
  • CX-5 FWD Crossover 2.0L Petrol GLX
  • CX-5 FWD Crossover 2.0L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.5L Petrol GSX
  • CX-5 AWD 2.2L Diesel Limited